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Multigrainz By Itscoll

RM 98.00

A blend of highly nutritious beverage composed of 22 different types of premium selected multi-grains cereals and 20 types of mixed fruits and vegetables, enriched with prebiotics (inulin) and beetroot powder.

This unique combination of Multigrainz is packed with life-giving energy which are high in fiber, minerals, and protein that gives you optimal nutrition that your body needs.

Benefits of Multigrainz:
✔Manage healthy weight.
✔Reduce cardiovascular obstruction.
✔Reinforcing bones and teeth.
✔Intensified intestinal peristalsis.
✔Strengthen the immune system.
✔Boost energy.
✔Boost memory.
✔Protect your eyes from cataracts.

SERVING SUGGESTION : Mix into 150ml - 200ml of cold or lukewarm water. you can also into juices, smoothies or anything you prefer. Stir well before serve.